Think. Define. Design. Implement.

Smart design, functional perfection.

At a glance

Itrix Inc is a software development company with roots in Nashik, India | Amersfoort, Netherlands.

For our clients, we generate extraordinary value through innovative design and practical solutions that WORK for them.

Whether we are writing a tailor-made software application, making a strong web presence, our client’s commercial success is our overriding priority. Whichever of our software consultancy services you choose, it is fine-tuned to fit your exact requirements.

Our business partner, Epura B. V., has experience of over 30+ years. We have combined our skills with those of an important, dependable partner with which to embark on a long term project. And, above all, we have found partner with the same human and professional qualities as our own and with whom we share a huge passion for work.

All of this is oriented towards offering our own and their clients a digital user experience that is increasingly innovative and effective.

Together we have been developing Software for the jeweler, goldsmith, the repair workshop and wholesalers in European countries for last 12 years. We work with what is best suited for our clients.

Our principles


We use a well-proven process to deliver a tailor made User Experience to our Clients. Every step was honed during countless hours spent on many projects. Every project has clear goals, on timing delivery, and efficient management.


We design for coders and don’t waste precious time in design first, check later. Itrix Inc designers work side by side with developers.


UI made by us, are functional beauty, designed to ease process then just glossy frontend, yet beautiful and pleasing to eyes.

Itrix Incorporation

Itrix Incorporation

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