Our mission is functional beauty

Applications designed for performance, data driven and easy on the eye.


Phase 1 - Strategy & User Research

We analyze the market, scouting for references and researching for competitors.
This overview facilitates helps the following analysis of the core user, what he or she wants or needs, and how to build a product that will appeal to him or her.

  • Study the landscape
  • Understand the brand strategy
  • Research the core user


Phase 2 - Designing The Experience

Itrix designs the experience in 3 steps, each increasing in detail, from the flow to the wireframes and from pen and paper to high-definition prototype.

  • Sketch the main experience
  • High-definition wireframes
  • Prototype


Phase 3 - Adding Beauty

Our designers are driven by passion and fueled by creativity and characterized by having an eye for beauty. It’s in the culture of Itrix, in the water, everywhere.

  • Layout Design
  • Interaction Design
  • Icon and Illustration Design

Key factors

On Time

We move through projects in a goal-oriented way, using the best project management tools and techniques. We deliver on time with an exceptional sense of quality and pride.

Visually Seductive

We design for all the senses but sight comes first. Every detail reflects our history in branding, marketing, and design.

Technical Compliance

We build practical solutions because we understand the art of implementation. Yet we’re not afraid to challenge design boundaries through rapid prototyping.

Value-added Design

In the end, our clients receive world class deliverables. We provide the designs, wireframes, user flow, information architecture, and an interactive prototype. Thus, you can rest assured that your team has what they need in order to implement the product or experience we’ve helped build for you.

Itrix Incorporation

Itrix Incorporation

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